Last nights VLOG: Regression of Vlog. I’m working on tonights vlog now. (by suavemaurice)

Arkham, Resurrection, and Thor Advanced Comics ft Julia (by heroesanddreams)

maurice 365 behind the scenes advanced comics Contour Roam (by suavemaurice)

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Advanced Comics

Venom, Avengers, and Dawn of Jedi Advanced Comics 2-1-12 (by heroesanddreams)

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Advanced Comics

New Episode each week so you know what comic books are coming out.

Happy New Year, Age of Apocalypse, and Bat Batty Advanced Comics (by heroesanddreams)

Shot another episode of Advanced Comics today. Here’s last weeks episode!

Dinos Turtles and Venom Advanced Comics 11-16-11 (by heroesanddreams)